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Amid geopolitical turbulence, be pragmatic, be informed, be prepared

Nuria Mas & IESE's International Advisory Board


Which policies might combat inflation?

Pedro Videla & Xavier Vives


Winter is coming in Europe

E. Carletti, L. Reichlin, N. Veron & X. Vives

In conversation

Oscar Garcia Maceiras, CEO of Inditex

"Physical and online spaces shouldn’t be in competition with each other, they should be generating synergies."

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From My Desk

Adapt or perish

Adapt or perish Jose Luis Nueno

Retailers post-pandemic must ask themselves how many shops to keep open and where.

Beyond the crisis

Beyond the crisis Jordi Canals

Boards cannot delay in seeking strategies and growth opportunities for tomorrow.

Into the metaverse

Into the metaverse M. Anton & C. Estalella

A report from the metaverse, where we experimented with the concept firsthand.