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Programa de Desarrollo Directivo

You know what it takes to lead a business function, your understanding of your own area is deep, but you want to grow and master new concepts. To consolidate your position inside your company or open up new career opportunities, you need to acquire a general management perspective. The Programa de Desarollo Directivo (PDD) will boost your strategic thinking and capacity to take decisions – and empower you to realize your full potential.

Delivered in Spanish.





Starting DatePlaceStructure & Calendar (PDF)
January 13, 2017Barcelona PDD Barcelona
January 20, 2017BarcelonaPDD Barcelona
January 27, 2017Madrid PDD Madrid
April 21, 2017Madrid PDD Madrid
April 21, 2017Barcelona PDD Barcelona 
May 8, 2017Zaragoza PDD Zaragoza
October 2017 Santiago de CompostelaPDD Galicia 
November 6, 2017 Valencia PDD Valencia 



Acquire a global vision

Gain an integral, cross-functional understanding of your business. See the bigger picture.

Global vision | IESE Business School
Boost decision making | IESE Business School

Boost decision making

Gain strategic thinking skills and the confidence to make decisions.

Management skills | IESE Business School

Improve management skills

Learn to prioritize, leverage teamwork and prepare to move in global markets.


Accelerate your leadership

Build dynamic teams committed to having a positive impact.

Leadership capabilities | IESE Business School

Expand your network

Grow your professional network and join our alumni community of 45,000+ international leaders.

Professional network | IESE Business School


The Programa de Desarrollo Directivo (PDD) is delivered at IESE campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, and in Valencia, Zaragoza and Santiago de Compostela.

Whichever geographical edition you choose, the program benefits are the same: you will develop your vision as a general manager and you will gain more confidence in your decision making.

Choose your location.

Barcelona January 2017 Madrid January 2017 Zaragoza May 2017 Santiago October 2017 Valencia November 2017


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