IESE Recruiting Policy

This Recruitment Policy is designed to ensure that employers and students have an opportunity to explore all available options and make the best possible choices during the recruiting process. We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you share this Policy with all employees of your organization who are involved in recruiting at IESE Business School. All companies recruiting through IESE Career Development Center are expected to comply with this Policy. If your company encounters any difficulties in implementing any provision in this Policy, please contact a member of the Career Development Center team.


1. Non-discrimination

IESE Business School is committed to equal opportunities for its students irrespective of race, color, age, religion, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, marital status, and appearance or disability. For this reason, these pieces of information are not allowed to be required on the submission of student CVs.

We expect companies that recruit at IESE Business School to adhere to this policy and we will only work with employers whose practices are consistent with this policy.


2. Data Protection and privacy

Please note that the use of Recruitment Systems is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679; Student CVs and personal information therein is confidential and is to be used for recruitment purposes only and MUST not be shared with third parties unless authorised by IESE Business School or the student concerned.


3. Candidate pool

In an effort to provide you with a diverse pool of top quality candidates, all job postings will be accessible to students on all relevant degree programmes as well as full-time students from the previous graduating class that are still seeking opportunities, unless otherwise requested by your company.


4. Work Authorisations / Visas

Recruiters must be transparent regarding work authorisation / visa requirements throughout the whole recruitment process and, wherever possible, state the relevant work authorization requirements in the job posting.


5. Student availability for employment

1) Full-time roles:

MBA 2022 students will be available from Monday May 16th, 2022 onwards.

2) Internship roles:

MBA 2023 students will be available for up to 12 weeks from Wednesday June 1st, 2022 to Friday September 2th, 2022, depending on the student’s academic arrangements for the following term (Intensive module, exchange program, language courses, etc.).


6. Recruitment events

In order to ensure that all IESE MBA students respect their academic commitment as required and have an opportunity to participate in recruitment events, we expect that you liaise with Career Development Center in advance in order to avoid conflicts with classes (8:00-13:00 & 14:00-16:00), other recruiting events, examinations or holiday periods. Employers should respect the students’ academic work and should not ask students to miss any academic obligations (i.e. class, group projects, study groups) for on-campus interviews, other recruiting events, or travel related to those activities. Hosting an event or interview during exams or 24 hours prior is a violation of policy.

1) Scheduling an event date

The allocation of presentation dates will be based on availability, recruiter requests and past recruitment history with IESE Business School. Please reach your contact of the Career Development Center team to agree on the schedule.

2) Logistics

In case of need of catering service for an event, companies are required to request their catering needs– both the menus and numbers – to Career Development Center at least 5 working days before the presentation date. If this is not received within this timeframe, Career Development Center will order the standard catering menu for the number of students signed up and recruiters will be charged accordingly.


7. Interviews

1) Allocation of interview dates and space

The allocation of dates will be based on employer requests and past recruitment history with IESE Business School. Interviews can take place in company offices or on campus by prior request and arrangement. For internship interviews, companies should NOT arrange any interviews before Monday January 3th, 2022.

2) Scheduling your interviews

If employers request to interview on campus, we strongly advise employers to communicate with Career Development Center. We strongly advise employers to communicate with Career Development Center and the shortlisted students as early as possible for the arrangement, at least the shortlisted students 5 working days before the interview dates. No changes to interview schedules can be made within 48 working hours of the interview date. This is to allow enough time for any availability or process issues to be resolved.

Career Development Center should receive the shortlists of all students to be interviewed regardless of interview location or how scheduling is completed. This helps us to monitor and mitigate against potential clashes. As with any recruiting event, employers need to avoid scheduling interviews during classes (8:00-13:00 & 14:00-16:00), other recruiting events, examinations or holiday periods, unless Career Development Center has confirmed the schedule in advance.

3) Company visits or on-site interviews

Students invited to visit an organisation site located outside of where the student stays should be reimbursed promptly for all expenses incurred during the visit. Students will attempt to divide expenses among recruiting organisations when more than one organisation is visited during a single trip. In the case where an organisation does not reimburse travel expenses, students must be informed of this at the time of invitation.


8. Decisions and Offers

1) Decisions

Timely response from a company regarding recruitment status – whether students have been successful or not – strongly shapes students’ perceptions and is a powerful determinant of a company’s reputation on campus. We expect you to notify all the applicants as well as Career Development Center promptly of their success or rejection at application, interview and offer stage.

In order to maintain the integrity of your relationship with the students and to avoid any potential complications, these communications must come directly from the employer and not via Career Development Center. All companies are required to observe a summer internship earliest offer date. These offers cannot be made before the start of the Corporate Internship Interview Days, January 7th, 2022, nor may any verbal proposals be made before such date.

2) Offers

To ensure that students have an opportunity to make a thoughtful decision regarding employment offers, we have established the following offer making and decision deadlines.

Offers for full time graduating jobs: A graduating job offer must be kept open until November 30th, 2021, or for at least 3 weeks after a written offer is received, whichever date is later.

Offers for summer internships and summer projects: A summer internship offer must be kept open until February 4th, 2022, or 3 weeks after the offer is received, whichever date is later. From April onwards, companies can give no less than one week response time for students to respond.

The offer must remain open in its entirety, without penalty, until the decision date.

Recruiters must provide the Career Development Center with the names of the students who have accepted a job offer so that they can be excluded from the scheduling system and discontinue their job search. Recruiters must not pursue students if they know the students have already accepted another job offer.

A. Companies honour offers

Companies should not withdraw a job offer once made. This includes alterations to the terms of the offer (e.g. role, geography, pay, title or duration in the case of internships/projects). If the need to withdraw or alter an offer arises, please contact the Director of Career Development Center.

Delayed start dates will not necessarily be considered as a withdrawn offer if the delay lasts no longer than six months from the original start date for full-time positions (or, if no start date was given, for up to eight months from the date of graduation); after these time periods the delayed start date will be treated as a withdrawn offer. Withdrawing or altering a job offer made to one of our students will damage your company’s reputation within the IESE Business School community and we reserve the right to share details of the breach with students.

B. Students honour acceptances

Students are expected to honour all job acceptances. Any student who reneges on a job acceptance commits a breach of the Statement of Professional Standards for Students, their actions will be reported to the Dean and Academic Committee, and his/her student and/or alumni status with Career Development Center will be at risk of being revoked. If a student who has accepted a job offer from you expresses concern about his or her employment decision, please let us know and we will try to assist where possible.

Please note all offer contracts must be between the employer and the student, not IESE Business School.


9. Disclosure of grades

IESE Business School’s admissions criteria encompass a rigorous evaluation of each applicant’s educational background, intellectual capabilities, professional experience and global outlook. Successful completion of a programme at IESE Business School signifies each participant’s academic success, management potential and cultural awareness. The School treats its students’ grades as confidential information and has therefore adopted a policy of grade non-disclosure.


10. Peer evaluation

Recruiters should not ask students to comment on other students.


11. Breaches

Breaches of these Professional Standards may be published to the IESE Business School community and/or shared with other schools. They may also result in exclusion from participation in future recruitment activities.


12. Headhunting/Recruitment firms

All Headhunting/Recruitment firms recruiting IESE Business School students must adhere to this policy, as well as to their own code of conduct (e.g.: Association of Headhunting). They must ensure honesty, accuracy and respect for candidate confidentiality at all stages, including only providing confidential candidate data to the client with the candidate’s prior consent. The firm should only present the candidate to more than one client if the candidate has agreed to this.


Further information:

If you have any questions or require further information about the above policies please contact the Career Development Center team on +34 93 253 42 00 or email

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