Introduction to Custom Programs

Every organization is different. Each has its own structure, culture and ambitions. And each faces unique opportunities, threats and challenges.

At IESE we believe that the only way to deliver truly effective Custom Programs is to make each one as individual as the organization it is created for. Although our approach to each program we design is different, our intention remains the same for every one: to transform the mindset and behavior of attendees. And in doing so, to drive effective, immediate and lasting change for the organization.

To achieve this goal, our programs challenge individuals and teams to rethink their business problems, identify points of strength and weakness, list needed capabilities and establish a plan for improvement. In the process, they facilitate change in three ways:

  • Commitment: Participants become totally engaged, through the process of openly discussing alternative courses of action and uniting around one.
  • Creativity: Innovative solutions are found, by allowing individuals to consider new ideas and share across businesses and geographies.
  • Speed: Organizations achieve results faster, thanks to large numbers of people building capabilities while embracing a common purpose.

Although the ‘transformation’ we seek can be exposing and at times even uncomfortable, the outcome is accelerated change that makes an immediate impact on an organization's future.