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Uniquely global | IESE Business School

Uniquely Global

Campuses, centers, research hubs, strategic alliances and programs that span 5 continents. An alumni community of 130 nationalities.

General Management

Develop the broader, integrative vision of a business leader generalist. Because when you see the big picture, you make better decisions.

General management | IESE Business School

Leadership with Integrity

At IESE you’ll be challenged, stretched and encouraged to be the very best you can be: as a leader, as a human being.

Leadership with integrity | IESE Business School
A world of options | IESE Business School

A World of Options

A broad range of programs by region and by language. Precision-match a specific program edition to your goals and needs.

Executive Education | IESE Business School

Balance Learning, Work and Life

Flexible learning formats so you can balance your investment in your leadership with professional and life commitments.



Wherever you are in your career, whatever your goals and challenges, at IESE you will develop a number of core leadership skills and competencies that will transform you as a leader. In the table below, the darker the shade of the competency, the more intense the focus.

 C-Suite Senior Executive Functional Director 

Integrative thinking

Craft the future of your company and set its long-term direction in the global economy.Integrate and align functions & geographies. Be a bridge builder, translator, aligner.Adopt the integrative perspective of a senior generalist.

Innovation mind-set

Spot the global trends and connect the dots, capitalizing on technology, resources & talent.Identify and leverage the creativity in your organization to exploit opportunities.Address business problems with creativity, leveraging resources from different sources.

Decision making

Bring the big picture perspective. Make swift decisions with incomplete knowledge and in uncertainty.Improve decision-making and delegation by understanding your broad competitive context.Make more confident decisions with a deeper understanding of cross-functional dynamics.

Change competency

Build the macro-framework and change agents to improve processes and systems. Identify levers and the key people to build impetus for change and follow-through.Enhance your ability to plan resources and tactics to execute change. 

Negotiating & influencing

Influence a broad spectrum of stakeholders with deftness and versatility.Lead complex negotiations to more effective outcomes.Cascade organizational objectives and advocate upwards for your function when necessary.


Articulate your company’s vision, its values and its mission.Translate complex problems into simple, meaningful explanations.Build team buy-in and alignment to streamline processes.

Self m

Listen with humility and learn from the global environment.Develop empathy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.Assess leadership growth opportunities.

Team management

Balance the needs of all stakeholders to drive your organization in one direction.Align your teams around a shared vision and common purpose.Drive engagement and efficient collaboration between your team members.