From Big Data to Big Profits

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Big Data to Big Profits

From Big Data to Big Profits:
Strategies for Monetizing Social, Mobile and Digital Data

Barcelona, July 6-7, 2017


Digital technologies are rapidly transforming our world. Companies that develop strategies to monetize their digital data will gain a clear edge over the competition in the period to come. This requires creating and leveraging new data assets with a focus on growth and innovation. The use of customer data in this strategy has many pitfalls, and creating value streams from customer data requires careful consideration


  • Learn about the powerful insights your business can get from big data, in order to monetize data assets for growth and innovation.

  • Understand the methods of managing data, including social-media data and mobile data.

  • Sharpen your knowledge of the trends coming your way in areas such as the ‘internet of things’, automation and artificial intelligence. 

Why IESE Recommends This Program

We live in a digital economy, and businesses that are good at leveraging their (customer) data will have great advantages. “From Big Data to Big Profits” provides a strategic view of how to manage the opportunities and challenges on the horizon, to leverage data analytics and to monetize big data for the future benefit of your business.


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