Knowing Your Customer through Data

1st Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior Conference

IESE’s Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior will hold is first conference, Knowing Your Customer through Data, on IESE’s Madrid campus and online on Sept. 21. The conference is led by Prof. José Luis Nueno, holder of the chair.

In a series of sessions and roundtables, academics and executives will share their experiences and knowledge on the ways that data can be used as an invaluable resource for understanding customer behavior. The conference, in English and Spanish, will focus on four main issues:

  • The power of data in the fashion retail industry
  • The power of data provided by telecommunications operators
  • Interpreting geolocalization data as a means for understanding customers
  • Enriching data, maintaining privacy and ethical standards related to data collection


Date: Wednesday, September 21, 9:30 – 14:00

Place: Sener Room, Executive Building, IESE Madrid


9:00 – Coffee & Check-In for Participants

9:30 – Welcome and Presentation of Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior

9:45 – Presentation: El poder de los datos para transformar la industria Fashion Retail

  • Prof. José Luis Nueno, Holder of the Intent HQ Chair & Professor of Marketing at IESE

10:15 – Roundtable on Fashion Industry: El poder de los datos en la industria Fashion Retail

  • Lupina Iturriaga, CEO of Fintonic
  • Eduardo Vega-Penichet, Managing Director of Acotex
  • Moderator: Prof. José Luis Nueno

11:00 – Coffee Break

11:20 – Presentation: Los datos de las telecomunicaciones como fuente para entender el comportamiento de los clientes

  • Jonathan Lakin, CEO of Intent HQ

11:50 – Roundtable: Desbloquear el poder de los datos de las telecomunicaciones

  • Franklyn Butler, President of Cable Bahamas (CBL)
  • Francisco Huidobro, Director of Digital Services of Orange
  • Jorge Sueiras, CDO of Grupo Atresmedia
  • Moderator: Jonathan Lakin, CEO of Intent HQ

12:30 – Presentation: Geoperfilado inverso- Los datos de geolocalización como fuente para entender el comportamiento de un cliente

  • Javier Goikoetxea, Phd, CEO of Grupo Next

13:00 – Insights Exchange: El uso de datos de terceros para generar conocimientos adicionales sobre el comportamiento del consumidor 

  • Phil Douty, Global VP Intent xChange

13:45 – Final Conclusions

  • Alfonso Urien, Director of Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior

14:00 – Networking & Tapas


Data Platform

Data Platform

New tool to analyze consumer behavior

IESE’s Intent HQ Chair has created a new data platform that connects academic researchers and large data sets from a growing number of companies, in order to generate valuable insights into consumer behavior.

So far, the chair has signed agreements with companies including Orange, Glovo, Elparking, Imbric, EYSA, GrupoNext, Fintonic, Atresmedia, Meliá Hoteles, Acotex, Cooltra and Bip&Drive to contribute data to the platform.

Learn more about the platform