Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior

Holder: José Luis Nueno

The Intent HQ Chair on Changing Consumer Behavior is created with the goal of becoming a global leader in research related to the latest trends in consumer behavior around the world.

The Chair’s research will inform outreach activities focused on bringing practical capacities of executives and managers up to date to meet the demands of current and future consumers.

This is IESE’s first chair dedicated to marketing and has been possible thanks to the support of the British company Intent HQ.


  • To conduct research in order to establish a firm and reliable knowledge base that can inform management and policy approaches to consumer behavior.
  • To use this accrued knowledge in the creation of pedagogical tools (case studies, academic publications, symposia, etc.) to help executives better align their business practices with changing consumption patterns.
  • To act as a repository of leading-edge management knowledge and capabilities.
Publications from the holder

Holder of the Chair

José Luis Nueno is a Professor in the Marketing Department of IESE. He has a PhD in Business Administration (Marketing) from Harvard University, an MBA from IESE and a Degree in Law from the Universitat de Barcelona.

His areas of interest include distribution channels and manufacturer/distributor relationships. He has published articles on globalization, the marketing of consumer and luxury goods and relationship marketing.

He is also the autor of a number of books on consumer behavior, including: Gestión de precios (Price Management); Consumidor al filo del siglo XXI (The Early 21st Century Consumer); La naturaleza del gasto (The Nature of Spending); El regreso del consumidor (The Consumer is Back); Expectativas en la era de la escasez (Exectations in the Era of Scarcity); El declive de las calles comerciales y el nacimiento del nuevo modelo multicanal (The Decline of Main Streets and the Birth of the New Multichannel Order); and Direct to Consumer: When Millennials Run the Show.