IESE Insight


The Agile CEO: Strategies for Success

IESE Insight 23

October 1, 2014

This magazine will help you engage with the challenges of our times, with an agenda for CEOs to shape the path ahead. Rafael Andreu and Joan E. Ricart emphasize that CEOs need to be disciplined in their decision-making, innovative in their work and responsible for their people, making ethics an integral part of an interdependent, dynamic general management framework. Fabrizio Ferraro and Bruno Cassiman call upon corporate leaders to use strategic arbitrage, business model experimentation and organizational orchestration to deal with the challenges posed by globalization, digitization and politicization. Michael Tushman urges corporate leaders to embrace paradox, being equally adept at exploiting current business success while simultaneously exploring profitable new avenues; in other words, becoming an ambidextrous leader. Hakan Ener reveals smarter ways for customer-facing managers and employees to generate ideas, assess their potential and measure their progress, so that the start-up spirit finds free expression in the corporate world. Thales S. Teixeira describes four different ad types and recommends how best to use each one to reach today's media-multitasking consumers. Thomas Rabe, Chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann, believes the Digital Revolution is not all bad news for traditional media industries like his. How should Torres go about marketing its non-alcoholic white wine Natureo? Intelligence experts suggest how to transform big data into competitive advantage.