IESE Insight

Leading the Digital Transformation

IESE Insight 18

July 1, 2013

This IESE Insight is designed to help managers understand the various dimensions of digital transformation, and learn which skills are needed to navigate the seas of change successfully. Evgeny Káganer, Javier Zamora & Sandra Sieber synthesize the qualities, practices and approaches of the digitally minded leader, suggesting at least five important dimensions that make up the digital mind-set. Andy Rowsell-Jones presents models to help companies combine their physical and digital resources in innovative ways that create new capabilities, value and revenue. Paul M. Leonardi, Diane E. Bailey & Stephen R. Barley discuss different types of virtual work arrangements, cautioning about the impact of virtual work on organizational processes. Kirstie McAllum examines conflict management systems to reduce, mitigate or resolve conflicts, while boosting a sense of commitment. Jaume Ribera draws from health-care initiativesin Europe and the United States to outline the basic steps to follow to ensure a better quality of life for your own innovation efforts. Jane Fountain, Managing Director of Harmony, shares her perspectives on global brand-building and how to succeed in China. Three executives explore innovation, entrepreneurship, partnerships, scale and data management as Vodafone enters the Ghana market. Gabe Zichermann believes gamification holds the key to reengaging and motivating people in a world where fun and competition are the name of the game.