IESE Insight

Make Way for the Sharing Economy

IESE Insight 30

July 1, 2016

Sharing, collaborative, peer-to-peer: whatever you call it, this magazine will help you manage the opportunities. Alejandro Lago and Sandra Sieber analyze market-access mechanisms, resource-allocation models and governance approaches to understand the advantages and shortcomings of the collaborative economy. Frédéric Mazzella, Arun Sundararajan, Verena Butt d'Espous and Mareike Möhlmann reveal the mechanics of online trust, encapsulated in their D.R.E.A.M.S. framework, to show that individuals can achieve high levels of trust without ever having met in person. Sofia Ranchordás suggests how sharing-economy businesses can engage in constructive conversations to navigate the myriad regulatory issues arising in this hazy area. Nuria Chinchilla and Esther Jiménez recommend ways to attract, cultivate and retain female talent. Stefanos Zenios provides managerial insights at two key moments in the innovation process -- exploration and prototyping -- based on his work with Silicon Valley startups. Silvio Napoli, Chairman-Elect of Schindler, shares lessons from his career with the Swiss elevator manufacturer. Executives discuss whether Recruit Group's management style of thrusting young intrapreneurs into overseas assignments is the best way to grow. Juan José Campanella, the acclaimed Argentine director and screenwriter, offers his tips for leading and managing creative projects.