IESE Insight

Making Decisions: More Than You Think

IESE Insight 19

October 1, 2013

This issue will not only help you to make decisions, it will ensure they are smart. Rafael de Santiago shows how to use decision trees, and suggests practical strategies to limit the influence of cognitive biases on your decision-making. Sheena Iyengar offers steps to design more helpful forms of choice, so that you obtain the most benefit from choice with the least effort, for yourself as well as for the consumers and employees you serve. Sebastien Brion identifies six steps to gain power and then use it for good, so that the decisions you make have a positive impact on those around you and the organization you serve. José L. Nueno reviews the factors that have given rise to new retail formats and how they can be integrated into a multichannel strategy. Cuno Puempin, Heinrich Liechtenstein, Fariba Hashemi and Brian Hashemi propose seven principles to help individual investors take control of their investment decisions. Domingo Ureña-Raso, the head of Airbus Military, shares how to foster a culture that enables knowledge and growth. Marco Arcelli (Enel), Manuel Olivares (BBVA Chile) and Camilo Abello (Grupo Argos) highlight the risks of an operation like Abertis' integration of the Brazilian highway concessionaire of OHL. And Keith Oatley believes that adding literature to executives' reading lists would help them to comprehend the world better, be more empathetic and become better leaders.