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New Passport Enhancements

We would like to inform you that the Passport site has been enhanced. Euromonitor International is launching two new modifications: a restructuring of the Passport Home Page and improvements in the Search functionalities.

Search Tree Improvements

The search tree is going horizontal, unveiling one category group and level at a time to allow a quicker, more relevant and user-friendly search structure. They have also elements to help you identify the steps taken in building your current search. 

They are introducing a recent and saved search feature, allowing you immediate access to your search history. Results List is also improving, ensuring easier to scan results and additional context such as popular stats to help you choose the best place to begin exploring.

Menu / Navigational Changes

They are refreshing Passport's main menu to organise their products more intuitively, making industries and categories both easier to find and – similar to the search tree improvements – more touchscreen friendly.

How to access to Passport?   
Access campus-wide and off campus, from the Top Databases menu on the Library homepage, clicking on Passport, or from the Databases page.