Chaplaincy - IESE Business School


Welcome to the IESE Business School Chaplaincy, a place for spiritual growth, support and guidance.

"The University chaplaincy is called to become a vital center for promoting the Christian renewal of culture through a respectful and sincere dialogue, clear, well-founded reasoning, and a testimony that is open to questioning and capable of convincing (...) It is a welcoming home, open to all those who, heeding the voice of the Lord within, become seekers of truth and serve their fellow men through their daily dedication to a knowledge which goes beyond merely narrow, pragmatic goals."

John Paul II,
Address to University Chaplains, 1 May 1998

In the spirit of John Paul II’s Address to University Chaplains, the IESE Chaplaincy provides a context for the spiritual growth of all members of the IESE community based on Christian principles.

The Chaplaincy's services complement IESE's academic and professional programs by providing the space and resources to allow those interested in the Christian faith to develop spiritually. These services are available to all members of the IESE community - students, faculty, administration, alumni and their families - and any others who may be interested.

The priests who serve in the IESE Chaplaincy are members of Opus Dei. Founded in 1928 by Saint Josemaría Escrivá, Opus Dei is a personal prelature of the Roman Catholic Church.