Useful Information



Whether you are coming to IESE for an executive program or the full-time MBA, finding comfortable and convenient accommodations is an important part of getting settled.

For all IESE cities, housing is off campus, giving students the opportunity to integrate with the daily life of the city and its culture as part of the IESE experience.

Short-term accommodations

In Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Munich and São Paulo where short-term accommodations are required, normally your program will inform you and make reservations at local hotels.

For full-time MBA students needing temporary accommodations and executive students needing short-term housing in Barcelona, there are many options in the vicinity of IESE, including hotels, “aparthoteles” and apartments. Many students have found the Barcelona University Center a helpful site in their temporary housing search.

In addition, IESE students have stayed at several hotels and hostels which are conveniently located throughout the city. Many of these hotels and hostels have student discounts available, so please be sure to mention IESE when inquiring about prices.

Long-term housing

With a large international student population, Barcelona has a range of prices and housing options available throughout the city. Though there are many ways to find an apartment on your own, often it is more efficient to work with an agency. Based on student feedback, we recommend the following agencies for your search. If you choose to use their services, please be sure to identify yourself as an IESE student: