Summer Entrepreneurship Experience

Summer Entrepreneurship Experience

Bring your startup idea to life. Next edition: Summer 2024. May 23rd - July 29th.

About the Summer Entrepreneurship Experience

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Values and Expectations

  • list_element_img Action > Analysis
  • list_element_img Hustle
  • list_element_img Forward motion from one week to the next
  • list_element_img Experiments > Ideas
  • list_element_img Face-to-face IRL > Surveys
  • list_element_img Failure is expected and will lead you to learnings
  • list_element_img 10 x thinking >  10% thinking
  • list_element_img Answers: Outside
  • list_element_img High agency


“The main virtue of the program is that it pushes you to make the most of what you have. Then, it is up to you answering to the challenge. Thanks to the SEE, many people made amazing progress with their projects over the summer.”

Ignacio Guitard, MBA 2023


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“The SEE program gives you the opportunity to focus your time on your business idea without the risk you would face at another stage in life. It is a perfect program for all wanna-be entrepreneurs as well as for all students who want to gain more confidence if entrepreneurship is the right thing for them.”

Cassian Stanjek, MBA 2022

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