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Summer Entrepreneurship Experience

Bring your startup idea to life · Next edition: Summer 2022

Are you a student with an idea for a startup? The Summer Entrepreneurship Experience will give you a hands-on opportunity to discover whether your idea has the potential to become a feasible business.

The Summer Entrepreneurship Experience will show you how to develop a repeatable and scalable business model. You will talk to possible customers to gauge potential interest in your product or service. You will present to investors to explore funding possibilities.

By the end of the summer, you’ll have developed the skills needed to assess and shape an entrepreneurial opportunity. You’ll have honed your presentation skills. You’ll have developed real insights into whether the entrepreneurial path is for you. And you’ll know whether your business idea is one that can be successfully pursued or if you may need to move on to a more promising idea.

The Summer Entrepreneurship Experience is not a short bootcamp or a startup incubator. It is a simulation of what startups and entrepreneurs face in the real world: the uncertainty and impossibly fast pace, along with the enormous potential for growth and innovation.

Who is this program for?

The Summer Entrepreneurship Experience is designed for students with no entrepreneurial experience and projects in a very early stage.

IESE MBA students

who opt to take part in the Summer Entrepreneurship Experience instead of a corporate internship.

Undergraduate, Master's or PhD students

from any field and university who want to explore the feasibility of a new business idea.

Undergraduate, Master's or PhD students

in any field and university who are trying to decide if they want to pursue the entrepreneurial life.

What will you learn from the Summer Entrepreneurship Experience?

  • A holistic and systemic perspective of the company, its stakeholders and its ecosystem.
  • An understanding of the business model as a level of analysis that is distinct from other levels (e.g., product, process, organization, or industry).
  • The ability to articulate and evaluate a business model, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses and its key components and value drivers.
  • Knowledge of the different steps in the design process.
  • The ability to apply design thinking to the development of a new business model for an established firm.
  • An understanding of the drivers of the design process, and how they influence the business model design outcome.
  • The skills to present your newly developed business model concept to senior managers and convince them of the merits of your ideas.

 Application deadline May 15, 2022.

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The Experience will combine face-to-face and online classes, depending on the availability of each participant. The program includes:

  • list_element_img Weekly sessions by IESE faculty
  • list_element_img Weekly sessions by sector experts such as entrepreneurs, investors and innovators
  • list_element_img At least 10 interviews with real potential clients, suppliers or partners per team per week
  • list_element_img Regular working sessions with other participants in IESE's Venture Hub on its Barcelona campus
  • list_element_img Weekly presentations to share your hard-earned knowledge with other participants
  • list_element_img A final presentation to panels of investors and successful entrepreneurs accustomed to assessing entrepreneurial opportunities

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