Senior Lecturer of Financial Management

• Master in Business Administration, IESE, University of Navarra
• Degree in law, Universitat de Barcelona

MBA from IESE Business School and Bachelor of Law from the University of Barcelona.

He is an authority on issues related to the supervision of banks (Basel Accords) and insurance companies (Solvency Standards), credit assessment policies for businesses, and the regulatory and compliance activities of financial institutions in general, including the shadow banking industry.

He has extensive experience in financial matters and the management of financial institutions in particular. For 20 years he was CEO of Banco de Europa, a specialized credit bank belonging to “la Caixa.” In 2006 he became the first director of compliance at “la Caixa.” Among other positions, he has served as president of Telefónica Factoring Spain and has been a member of the Board of Directors for Telefónica Factoring Brasil and Telefónica Factoring México.

He has served on the Board of several trade associations, including the Asociación Española de Leasing and the Asociación Española de Factoring, in addition to acting as president of Leaseurope.

He is a Board member for several subsidiaries of “Caixabank.” Member of Advisory Council of Reisebank A.G (subsidiary of the mutual banking group DZ BANK A.G). He also participates in several business groups.

His recent publications include: Basilea II: una nueva forma de relación banca-empresa, 2007 (second edition) and El sistema financiero y su encuentro con la empresa, 2001. He is also the author of many articles in the specialized press. Relevant examples include a February 2006 article published in the magazine Harvard Deusto Finanzas y Contabilidad titled “La financiación especializada en la empresa. Tipos de productos y generalidades” and “Las oficinas bancarias y el proceso de reestructuración en marcha,” A.T. Kearny and IESE, 2013.

Areas of interest

* Banking strategies.
* Basel Accords: their impact on banks and the relationship between banks and companies.
* Solvency standards: their impact on insurance companies.
* Corporate governance and compliance in financial institutions.
* IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).
* Shadow banking system.