IESE Recruiting Policy

1. Student Availability for employment

Full-time positions

MBA 2021 students will be available from May 2021 onwards.

Summer internships

MBA 2022 students will be available for up to 12 weeks from June 2021 to September 2021, depending on the availability of the student’s academic arrangements for the following term (Intensive module, exchange program, etc.).


2. Decision Information

Timely response from a company regarding recruitment status – whether students have been successful or not – strongly shapes students’ perceptions and is a powerful determinant of a company’s reputation on campus. We expect you to notify all the applicants as well as Career Development Center promptly of their success or rejection at application, interview and offer stage.


3. Offer policy

To ensure that students have an opportunity to make a thoughtful decision regarding employment offers, we have established the following offer making and decision deadlines.

Full-time positions

A graduating job offer must be kept open until November 30th 2020 or for at least 3 weeks after a written offer is received, whichever date is later.

Summer internships

An internship offer must be kept open until February 5th 2021 or 3 weeks after the offer is received, whichever date is later. From April onwards, companies can give no less than one-week response time for students to respond.


4. Honour codes

Companies honour offers    

Companies should not withdraw a job offer once made. This includes alterations to the terms of the offer (e.g. role, geography, pay, title or duration in the case of internships/projects). If the need to withdraw or alter an offer arises, please contact the Director of Career Development Center. Withdrawing or altering a job offer made to one of our students will damage the company’s reputation within the IESE Business School community.

Students honour acceptances

Students are expected to honour a job acceptance. Any student who reneges on a job acceptance commits a breach of the Statement of Professional Standards for Students, their actions will be reported to the Dean and Academic Committee, and his/her student and/or alumni status with Career Development Center will be at risk of being revoked.


Further information:

If you have any questions or require further information about the above policies please contact the Career Development Center Team on +34 93 253 42 00 or email cdc@iese.edu


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