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This is the knowledge portal of IESE Business School, which also encompasses IESE Business School Insight magazine. It presents the latest management research in accessible and engaging formats.

We support IESE's mission to inspire leaders to have a deep, positive, lasting impact on people, companies and society.

Summaries of the most relevant management research -- covering knowledge areas such as decision analysis, leadership, marketing and strategy -- from the faculty of IESE and other top business schools, in formats ranging from articles to videos to infographics. You will also find expert takes on current events as well as interviews with notable businesspeople.

From our home page, you can access featured research articles, #IESEconomics (IESE Economics Department professors weigh in on current affairs) as well as recent interviews and columns. You will also find topics of interest to our community and past issues of IESE Business School Insight magazine.

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Yes, it generally is. Write to with the details of your request and where you would like to republish.

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    Managing People in Organizations
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