Economics Department

Future managers must understand the macroeconomic context and the socio-economic factors that affect the business environment in which they make decisions. To prepare them, our Department of Economics focuses on the analysis of critical socio-economic factors that affect the business environment. Paramount among the areas of study is the macroeconomic context of a free market economy. One of the department’s key areas of research involves the role of government in fostering a favorable environment for business development, particularly policies relating to labor markets, technology and social programs. Importance is also given to the international business context, especially in emerging economies. Department members have held public office and acted as advisors for the Spanish government both on the national and regional level. They also have experience as members of international organizations such as the World Bank and think tanks such as CESifo.

Coursework includes Global Economics, Applied International Economics, Emerging Economies, Ideologies, and Markets, Competition and Government.

Through their research, the department’s faculty is exploring the most current and influential economic topics.

The department produces a monthly newsletter, IESE’s International Economic Overview, where its members contribute their opinions on current issues in financial and general media.

Economics Seminars Blog


  • Association of Competition Economics (ACE) – Spanish Meeting
  • Conference on the Economics of the Public-Private Partnerships
  • Workshops on Industrial Organization
  • Armand Carabén Workshop on Sports Economics

Areas of expertise

  • Macroeconomics
  • Globalization and banking
  • Pension systems
  • Regulation, competition & public policy
  • Health economics
  • International economics
  • Fiscal policy
  • European Union
  • Emerging economies
  • Public-Private sector relations