IESE Insight

Social Media: Are You in the Conversation?

IESE Insight 9

April 1, 2011

Soumitra Dutta (INSEAD) proposes five strategies that companies can pursue to push their organizations toward becoming fully networked enterprises. Evgeny Káganer (IESE) & Emmanuelle Vaast (McGill University) identify 18 recurring policy themes that guide the use of social media in the workplace. Guillermo Armelini (ESE) & Julián Villanueva (IESE) recommend how to define a social media plan to start conversations and build brand recognition. Antonino Vaccaro (IESE) addresses network ethics and highlights the need for understanding stakeholders ethical claims, based on relationships of trust.Elsewhere in the magazine, Caterina Moschieri (IE) & Johanna Mair (IESE) explain that divesting is much more than taking out the trash but a strategic decision that is profitable for both the parent company and the divested unit. Meanwhile, Eduardo B. Andrade (Haas Berkeley) & Mario Capizzani (IESE) provide a richer understanding of emotional behavior, to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty at every stage of the service encounter.In an exclusive interview with Michael Nash, the Warner Music VIP discusses new ways of capturing value, as the music industry comes to terms with the digital revolution.We also feature a business case study on Jordan Cohen, discussing how a middle manager with no positional power can convince those at the top that his innovative idea can work.And we feature the inspiring story of a group of young people who took collective action against organized crime in Sicily, using public condemnation, transparency and strategic communication as their weapons.