Special Services for MBA Clubs

1. Use the Library Facilities for Exhibition Purposes
Library facilities are available for IESE Clubs to organize book, photo or any other kind of exhibition.

2. Video Display to Promote Club Activities
If you bring us your Club’s promotional video, the Library will intermittently display it on the plasma screens installed in the Library hall.

3. Tailored Training Sessions
Tailored training sessions are offered under Club request to help you acquire the necessary competencies to find, organize and manage high quality and specialized information in your fields of interest.

4. Management of Club Books & Periodical Collections
Clubs’ books and periodicals collections can be managed by the Library to make them available to the whole IESE community. The books belonging to a club are classified in a specific category and are easy to locate.

5. Search & Journal Alerts
An RSS or e-mail is sent out when new articles matching your search criteria are published. This may include articles by a particular author, or articles matching your keywords. Also, tables of contents can be delivered to you by e-mail as new issues are published.

6. Research Consultations
Want to explore the latest marketing trends? Need to carry out a literature search about career development? Interested in the latest legislation? Use our tailored research service.

7. Compiling Resources Guides
Receive assistance and guidance on compiling the recommended resources for your subject.