IESE, Socially Responsible

Promote sustainable practices and contribute positively to society. This is the central pillar of IESE’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is reflected in the humanistic, ethical vision of business management that permeates all our programs, activities and events, and also our organizational practices and research work. CSR is promoted at IESE through the following policy lines: engage with our employees’ well-being, assure the corporate responsibility of our governance, share positive values with our customers as change agents, foster social development and progress, and care for the environment. IESE is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Management Education.

We create a welcoming workplace for our people

We want to attract, develop and retain talented people who share our values. This means that we strive to create a friendly, positive work environment in which employees and faculty feel proud to work and develop their career.

We share positive values with our participants

We try to contribute to improving the world through our programs, encouraging all participants, as change agents, to manage their businesses ethically and in accordance with the principles of social responsibility.

We assure the corporate accountability of our governance

IESE’s Executive Committee has a diverse membership in terms of nationality, gender and professional experience, who work together to guide our school, contributing their knowledge and different viewpoints. IESE also receives strategic guidance from two committees and two international boards.

We develop initiatives that generate a social impact

To address and contribute solutions to the challenges facing today’s society, we are working in a series of specific strategic areas that foster social development and progress in different spheres: corporate responsibility and ethics, entrepreneurship, women and leadership, Africa, corporate governance and public administration. These initiatives draw executives to our school who are interested in improving society.

We care for the environment

Our operations are based on sustainable use of natural resources. We evaluate the environmental impact of our activities and facilities —consisting mostly of travel and energy use on the campuses— to foster energy efficiency and the use of the best products and technologies available to generate benefits for the environment. As a result, IESE’s carbon footprint has shrunk 30% in the last five years and 10% during the last year alone, and emissions generated by travel also fell 8% during the last year.