Entrepreneurs' Formula for Success

Event Celebrated in More Than 100 Countries


Entrepreneurs' Formula for Success

"The experience of business success more than compensates for all the situations of failure. When you taste a little success, it gives you the fuel to move forward and deal with worse situations," said Pau Valdes, founder of Nakami, a consulting firm specializing in Internet advising and the implementation of projects for medium and large enterprises.

Valdes was the last speaker during a series of breakfasts IESE organized with entrepreneurs as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, held Nov. 15-22.

He added that business success is not the only goal of entrepreneurship. "The learning you get is impressive. Furthermore, this country needs entrepreneurs to overcome the crisis," he said.

Participants in Thursday's session were Roman Martin, president and founder of the Group Inidium and Luis Ignacio Cortez, vice president and CMO of Polymita. The business leaders explained that "in a start-up, you need to have an entrepreneurial template, one that is ambitious and committed to growing business."

They also stressed the need to be "very transparent" with employees.

On Wednesday, entrepreneur Arnaud Ripert, co-founder and director of the self-storage company Bluespace, said that being an entrepreneur provides enormous freedom.

"Freedom to organize your team, to manage and to pursue your dream," he said.

"I love to create," he said. "It's great to create a team, jobs and a company that meets the needs of people and society."

On Tuesday, Josep Conesa of Conesa Asociados law firm shared his experience as an entrepreneur with IESE MBA students. Conesa outlined a series of qualities that he believes entrepreneurs should have such as be risk-takers and dreamers, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground. He also discussed how team members have played a fundamental role in his career.

On Monday, Raúl Cristian Aguilera, founder and CEO of Tango/04, a global software company based in Barcelona, reflected on factors that have helped him reach his goals as an entrepreneur.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) took place all over the world last week. The initiative seeks to foster the creation of businesses and help young entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries connect and contribute to their local economies and communities. In Spain, IESE is coordinating the event through the school's Center for Family-Owned Business and Entrepreneurship (CEFIE).

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