The Power of the Crowd. Prof. Evgeny Káganer


The Power of the Crowd. Prof. Evgeny Káganer Leads Session in NYC

More than 50 IESE alumni and friends attended a special presentation by IESE Prof. Evgeny Káganer, "What Does Crowdsourcing Mean for Business and its Employees?" at the school's New York Center this week.

During the session, Prof. Káganer discussed key drivers and risks of the emerging trend of crowdsourcing, identified models and explored broader implications of crowdsourcing for organizations.

He describes the phenomenon of crowdsourcing as the act of parsing out work previously performed in-house to a large and often unidentified group of Internet users. Crowdsourcing has been around for almost a decade - largely confined to odd Internet start-ups and non-profit sites, such as Wikipedia - but it has carried little weight in traditional business, according to Kaganer.

The situation is now shifting. The rise of social media and collaboration in the enterprise has made firms much more receptive to the idea of tapping into the global online workforce for talent or capacity. From hiring a virtual team member to gleaning ideas for creative design to having complex IT solutions developed by an online community, crowdsourcing is changing the way work is being done.

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