The New Age of Movement, Touch and Sound

Prof. Sandra Sieber discusses the demise of text


The Age of Movement, Touch and Sound

Text is essentially over and we’re moving into the era of movement, touch and sound, says Prof. Sandra Sieber. The importance of text will decline over the next five years as voice-recognition programs become more sophisticated and the technical obstacles to transmitting live video are overcome. Instead of writing we will talk and see. Meanwhile, with its technologies that eliminate the need for joysticks, the game industry has shown the possibilities of using physical movement.

The use of text in communication will fall by the wayside over the next five years, as technology ushers in more use of touch, movement and sound, says IESE Prof. Sandra Sieber of the Department of Information Systems.

Speaking and listening are more natural than writing, she says, so people will gradually stop typing out messages when they have the chance to talk and see each other easily. Children use multitouch screens by age two today, she says, which also suggests that text use will shrink in the future.

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