Hans Ulrich Maerki: The Positive Side of the Crisis


Having a "road map of strong values" will be crucial for navigating the bumpy terrain ahead in the business world, said Hans Ulrich Maerki, board member of ABB, in this interview held at IESE's recent Global Alumni Reunion in Madrid.

Only a strong value system can give business leaders the capability of being flexible and reacting to the shifting environment, said Maerki, who serves on IESE's International Advisory Board. "Decisions over the next coming five to six years will be very dramatic for businesses."

In every crisis, however, there is a positive side, he said. "I would hope that the financial industry on a worldwide basis would use this terrible crisis that we have at the moment in trying to reform themselves and change what they do - go back to really, fundamentally, the mission of what banks were supposed to do when they were created."