IESE, CEIBS and Wharton Join Forces

05/06/2012 Shanghai

This week participants in the Global CEO Program: A Transformational Journey are taking part in the final module of the program, which is held in Shanghai. IESE Business School, CEIBS and Wharton have teamed up to design and deliver the program, aimed at senior-level executives and entrepreneurs from around the globe.
The Global CEO Program features 1-week modules held in three locations - Sao Paulo, Philadelphia and Shanghai. Through this unique format, participants are able to explore markets in Latin America, the United States and Asia and learn from faculty members from three leading institutions.
A key part of the program is the Cross-Program Project (CPP), which consists of a strategic action plan designed around a particular business challenge that each participant has identified before the program begins.
Academic directors of the Global CEO Program are Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor of Marketing at Wharton; Julia Prats, professor of Entrepreneurship at IESE; and Juan Antonio Fernández, Professor of Management at CEIBS.
The final module of the program, which takes place June 2-7, puts a spotlight on building cross-cultural organizations, business transformation and negotiating across cultures, among other topics.