IESE's DGP program improves goal-setting and performance

26/06/2012 Madrid

As the global economy shifts, the need for effective political leadership to meet new challenges is escalating. To prepare executives in public administration boost results, IESE offered its Driving Government Performance program in Madrid last week with the participation of executives from diverse geographic regions. The program is led in association with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Among countries represented in the class were Italy, Kuwait, Nigeria, The Netherlands, South Africa, the UK, UAE and Spain. Prof. Robert Behn of the Harvard Kennedy School led key sessions, which focused on topics such as strategy, motivation and results. 
The Intensive program, which ran from June 18-21, is aimed at helping executives improve public policy performance and boost organizational efficiency. It also examines the challenges of political leadership and provides insight onto how leaders can set goals, revitalize bureacracies and measure results. The program director is Pablo García-Manzano and the program coordinator is Amy Mulholland. 
The DGP is part of IESE's portfolio of public management programs, which are offered through the school's Center for Public Leadership and Government. The center leads programs and conducts research focused on management excellence in the public sector.