New Models, Familiar Values

Guillermo Gaspart, member of the Board of Directors of HUSA Group, speaks to MBA students

27/11/2012 Barcelona


On Nov. 23, a special MBA lunch series with business leaders who are expected to influence Spain's economy in the future was launched on IESE's Barcelona campus. Students participating in the meetings have the chance to speak to the invited speakers, who reflect different sectors, about their personal experiences and their opinions about Spain's economy.

Guillermo Gaspart, member of the Board of Directors of HUSA Group, was the first invited guest. He described what, in his opinion, are the attributes of a good executive. "Executives should transmit happiness and enthusiasm, enjoy new goals every day, have personal and professional ambition, respect values without being stpped on, be good communicators, be informed and generate a network of contacts who help them stay informed about what is happening around them," he said.

"To develop themselves in the company, the leader should be flexible in times of change and understand that everything is cyclical and that you have to know how to adapt," he said.

Looking to the future, Gaspart said he believes that most important change in Spain should be in the area of politics.

"We need new leaders, new forms and new models," he said, adding that businesses in Spain have been changing in recent years in order to adapt to new developments, but he hoped that their underlying values will not.

A Family Business Expert

As an executive in a family business and the youngest member of the Board of Directors of the Family Business Institute, Gaspart received requests for advice from MBA students about family-owned firms. He addressed the daily challenges of running ae family business and problems linked with the family nucleus and generational change, noting that he particularly enjoyed hearing the opinions and concerns of the students.