Driving Growth from Within

Prof. Julia Prats Speaks to Alumni in NYC

30/11/2012 New York

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Prof. Julia Prats of IESE Business School's Department of Entrepreneurship addressed alumni and friends at an event titled "Internal Entrepreneurship: What Does It Take? The Challenge Within," held Thursday 29 at the school's New York Center.

During her presentation, Prof. Prats provided insights on how companies can grow through intrapreneurial initiatives and by focusing on a firm's unique attributes. This approach entails optimizing talent within the organization, ensuring that talented employees are involved with interesting projects and giving people opportunities to develop their abilities.

Prof. Prats presented key results from her research on more than 110 high-growth firms that analyzed growth levers, related challenges and the effects on CEOs and senior management teams.

Intrapreneurship, she said, is all about how companies establish processes, how they create the right culture, and put effective incentives in place. She also discussed tools that can help organizations effectively develop new products, services and business models, as well as identify new opportunities through an intrapraneurial focus.