The MBA Asian Adventure Continues

This week students visit CEIBS in China

22/01/2013 Shanghai


For the second time in IESE's history, the school's MBA students will visit the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). From January 21-25, students will take part in a module including the courses "China Globalization and the World” and "Managing Global Operations." With 44 students of diverse nationalities, the module will be held one week after the school led a module in Singapore for the first time, January 14-18. 
"Managing Global Operations"

Led by IESE Prof. Jaume Ribera, this course will cover the stages and main factors that affect companies that decide to internationalize their activities. Some of these factors are growth, efficiency, knowledge and competition. Taking advantage of the visit, students will analyze the specific challenges faced by Western companies leading operations China and national companies that have entered European or U.S. markets.

“China Globalization and the World”

Taught by Prof. Reuben Mondejar of City University of Hong Kong, this course begins with a comparison of Western thought and Confucionism. Next, students will explore the effects and consequences of globalization from a professional viewpoint. The role and influence of China as a key player in global development is one of the topics given most attention in this course, through an analysis of both the country's strengths and weaknesses.