Exploring New Territory

The first IESE blog in Chinese

11/03/2013 Barcelona


With all eyes on the development of Asia, led by the unstoppable activity in China, IESE MBAs have recently produced the first blog in Chinese in order to reach a wider public and to spread IESE’s ideas, methods of teachings to potential students, many of whom – given the current development of Asia – may soon be leading some of the most significant companies and institutions in the world.

The initiative emerged a year ago from the MBA program’s admissions office in order to meet the need to focus the MBA towards new geographical areas and, in principle, to create a project shared by all of the MBA community in China. A number of Chinese alumni have been involved in the preparation and translation of the blog’s content and continue to be involved in the development, maintenance and the updating of the platform while they continue their studies.

As Chenghan Yang, associate director of MBA admissions with responsibility for Asia, says the blog’s content "brings together, on the one hand, useful information about the MBA such as the content of modules, the admissions process or the advantages of studying in Barcelona. On the other hand, we also want to reflect the day-to-day experiences and activities of IESE in a more informal and less institutional manner."

Allen Zheng (MBA ‘14), says the idea is that the blog will provide really useful information for all of those Chinese alumni who are thinking of coming to study at IESE, as well as for their families. "For example, we recently added a post about how to get a visa to enter Spain because this is really useful information for future alumni."

Since the blog was launched, the main objective of the five Chinese MBA alumni involved in writing and editing it is to keep it up to date and post significant news items. In the future, they hope to promote the blog on some of the most popular social networks in Asia and to raise IESE’s profile in China. All of this contributes to increasing global awareness of the school.