Selling Across Continents

17th Food and Beverage Industry Meeting

31/05/2013 Barcelona

17th Food and Beverage Industry Meeting

Expanding into international markets provides a critical avenue for overcoming the crisis. While many food and beverage companies have been active in international markets for years, others only began exporting when domestic sales started to dwindle during the downturn.

Experts and business leaders will come together to analyze opportunitities for global growth for companies in the industry at IESE's 17th Annual Food and Beverage Industry Meeting on June 4 at the Barcelona campus. This year's theme is "Selling Across Continents."

Senior executives from leading firms such as Nestlé, Lidl, Codorniu and LVMH Group will provide their perspectives on the global food and beverage industry, addressing topics including consumer trends, distribution and the future of key markets such as Asia and Africa.

IESE Prof. Jaume Llopis is the academic director of the meeting. Since 1992, the annual event has brought together prominent leaders in the industry to discuss the latest developments in the sector.

In connection with the meeting, Prof. Llopis and researcher Júlia Gifra presented a handbook which seeks to provide crucial information and updates for companies in the food and beverage industry about the 28 most attractive markets for exports.

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