Harvard-IESE Advisory Committee: 50 Years Writing the Future

Nitin Nohria's visit marks a half-century alliance

10/01/2014 Barcelona

Harvard-IESE Committee

In October 1963, the city of Boston hosted the Harvard-IESE Advisory Committee’s first meeting. The outcome of that event was an important milestone for European business school history: the creation of the first two-year MBA program on this side of the Atlantic. Since then, the alliance between the two institutions has been serving as a forum of reflection to exchange ideas, share experiences, discuss common problems and ultimately offer each other new perspectives.

To commemorate the alliance’s first half century, IESE has launched a special site that brings together information about the committee’s history and the ongoing relationship between the two schools, documenting how knowledge exchange, teaching methods and research have evolved, while providing users access to exclusive content about the future of management education.

Eager to continue their tradition of interpreting the underlying tendencies that will define management education in the years to come, IESE and Harvard will once again join forces on January 13. HBS Dean Nitin Nohria will lead a session entitled “Innovative Leadership: Learning from Asian Companies” on IESE’s Barcelona campus. While celebrating one of the most important anniversaries in IESE history, the event also promises to be an ideal opportunity to explore new management trends.

Alumni will be able to view Prof. Nohria’s session remotely from anywhere in the world via WebEx. In order to connect please:

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