IESE Ranked 2nd in the World for Executive Education

FT ranking values the internationality of the school

12/05/2014 Barcelona

IESE Business School

IESE Business School ranks #2 worldwide in this year’s overall Financial Times Executive Education ranking published today. IESE also maintains its position as #3 in the world for Custom programs, for the 3rd year in a row. It also ranks 6th in open programs, a spot it shares with Harvard Business School.

In this year’s survey, which highlights the 50 top schools worldwide, IESE came first for the diversity of its faculty and also earned particularly high marks for the "future use" of its custom programs, the internationality of its open programs and the quality of its alliances with partner schools. Positive results in these areas were due to feedback gathered by the Financial Times from participants and client partners.

According to Prof. Josep Valor, IESE’s Dean of Executive Education: "this ranking gathers the opinions of all our clients so it is a great pleasure to consolidate our position among the top business schools in the world." Prof. Valor assured that this result "is an incentive to keep improving the quality of our programs and continue building the trust that big companies put in IESE for executive training."

IESE´s consistency in ranking as one of the top three business schools in the world for the third consecutive year also highlights its internationality: not only through its participants, but via the school’s facilities, its faculty and its partner business school network. IESE has not only developed strong links with Latin America and Asia through a deep local understanding of the regions and its partnership schools, but also maintains a long-lasting relationship with Harvard Business School through the Harvard-IESE committee, established 50 years ago.

The Financial Times ranking is based on a mix of customer feedback and data provided by business schools on open and custom programs. It takes into consideration a variety of criteria including program preparation, course design, international participants and location, faculty, follow-up and aims achieved among numerous others.

Other schools in the top positions include HEC as #1 and IMD in 3rd position.

Executive Education programs in four continents

Since its foundation, in 1958, IESE has been offering an array of executive education programs for managers, at a time when the concept of executive education was scarcely known outside of the United States. The establishment of these programs, aimed mainly at experienced business leaders, constituted a landmark in the history of executive education in Europe. The school has also become a leading player in offering very personalized custom programs.

IESE’s recent custom program clients include BMW, Abbott, Airbus, BBVA, Henkel, Nestlé, Novartis, Oracle, Santander, SAP and Telefónica, among many other leading firms.

IESE offers open executive education and custom programs at key locations around the world, including Barcelona, New York City, Munich, São Paulo, Miami, Shanghai and Warsaw. Among its offerings are the Advanced Management Program, with international editions in Poland, the US, Spain, Germany and Brazil; Program for Leadership Development, the Senior Executive Program New York-Miami, which are aimed at entrepreneurs and senior business leaders of global firms and the innovative Global CEO with modules in China, Brazil and the US run in conjunction with Wharton and CEIBS.

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