Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Rubin talks to Bill Baker

Global Leadership Forum in NYC

07/10/2014 New York

Robert E. Rubin
Robert E. Rubin, Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and co-chairman of the Council for Foreign Relations

"Unconventional monetary policy and stimulus can be part of a successful economic program for a period of time. But they are no substitute for fiscal discipline, public investment and structural reform," warns Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Robert E. Rubin, in an article in the Financial Times earlier this year. The spur to action, he says, should be "an assessment of costs and benefits."

In this post-recession landscape, where recovery remains slow and uncertainty remains a constant across the world’s markets, IESE has invited business leaders to share their insights, impressions and a vision for the future.

Rubin, who was Secretary of the Treasury during the Clinton Administration and is currently co-chairman of the Council for Foreign Relations, will join Dr. Bill Baker, President Emeritus of WNET and IESE Distinguished Professor of Media Management for a breakfast conversation at IESE’s New York Center on Thursday, October 9 2014.

The discussion will form part of the IESE Global Leadership Forum.