Location, Location … Timing

New Focused Program unlocks opportunities in real estate

21/01/2015 Barcelona

International Real Estate
“It’s not about ‘location, location, location’ anymore – it’s about ‘location, location… and timing.’” / Illustration: IESE

Opportunities in real estate are moving. As the US and Europe come to terms with the bursting of huge housing bubbles, property markets in Latin America, Africa and Asia are booming. The International Real Estate Focused Program for property firms, service providers and global investors will reveal the best practices to take advantage of these shifting trends.

It’s not about "location, location, location" anymore – it’s about "location, location … and timing," according to IESE professors Carles Vergara, Jaume Ribera, José Luis Suárez and Pedro Videla. They emphasize that it is crucial in the cyclical real estate market to fully understand and analyze opportunities in order to avoid bubbles and boost profitability.

Program participants will learn how to implement a complete, long-term real estate strategy. Over three days they will discover which macro and microeconomic factors to consider, how to manage projects and how to choose the right financial management tools to hedge risks.

The International Real Estate Focused Program will be held in Barcelona from February 3-5, 2015.

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