Multiplier Effect: IESE Trains Professors Around the World

Scholars from 11 countries on International Faculty Program

05/06/2015 Barcelona

International Faculty Program
The International Faculty Program brings together academics from four continents / Photo: Jordi Estruch

The 24th edition of the International Faculty Program (IFP) begins, with 21 participants from 11 countries. Since 1991, the program has trained more than 500 professors from 70 countries, spanning Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. IFP graduates engage in research and teaching at more than 200 schools of management, departments of business and economics, and other educational institutions.

For this reason, the program has a multiplier effect in terms of disseminating IESE knowledge and expertise.

This year, the program has a new academic director, IESE Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences and Analysis of Business Problems, Miguel Angel Ariño.

The objective of the program, says Ariño, is to "train the participants as academics, so that they reach a high level as educators and not only disseminate the knowledge generated by others, but also be able to generate it themselves, and expand the frontiers of knowledge with their research activity."

Over the course of 3 weeks and 11 modules, the school's faculty presents methodologies for teaching business administration. Participating professors receive training in the case method, and support in the preparation of new business cases and curriculum planning.

Participants in 2015 come from a variety of institutions, including: Riga Business School, part of the Riga Technical University; Zagreb School of Economics and Management and Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration; as well as academics from the network of schools associated with IESE, such as Lagos Business School – Pan African University.

In this edition, participants come new fewer than four continents. They represent: Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Ghana, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Peru.