New Loan for International MBA and GEMBA Students

Deal with Prodigy Finance to help finance studies

02/03/2015 Barcelona

IESE Business School
Prodigy Finance aims to support international students in terms of financing their studies by understanding their individual needs / Photo: Quim Roser

The UK company Prodigy Finance and IESE have reached an agreement to offer a new loan to international MBA and Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students to help them finance their studies.

The deal sees IESE expand the existing range of financial aid services, which include loans and scholarships, to support students with tuition fees and living costs.

International MBA and GEMBA students will be eligible for this financial support once they have been admitted into their IESE program; letters of admission are sufficient in terms of guarantee. Prodigy Finance’s team will study the potential future income of each applicant, and prepare customized loan terms based on individual profiles.

The company finances up to 100 percent of the program's tuition and offers competitive repayment terms, interest rates and other conditions.

Among other advantages, the Prodigy loan enables students to:

  • Access funding without a co-signer. 

  • Repay the loan over a period of ten years and have the option of early repayment, with the term or specific time chosen by the borrower. 

  • Not have to pay any installments during the program or the first six months afterward. 

  • Make payments to Prodigy Finance in more than 30 countries without any costs arising from international wire transfers, eliminating the potential problem of international mobility.

The funding for the program is made available by Prodigy Finance’s network of investors in the global business-school community, who receive a financial return on their investment, while also supporting the business-leaders of tomorrow.

Prodigy Finance: An Institution Created by MBA Alumni

Prodigy Finance serves students at the world’s leading management schools, providing special financing solutions.

The company was founded in London in 2007 by three MBA students to provide funding to other people in similar circumstances. Since then, the company has funded study programs at the major international management schools, with a total of 1,866 students from 92 countries, and $78 million already granted in loans.

The company aims to support international students in terms of financing their studies by understanding their individual needs.

This agreement allows Prodigy Finance to leverage their platform associated with top-ranked business-school programs.

For further information, participants on the MBA and GEMBA programs should have a look at all options provided on the Financial Aid website.

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