2016’s Most Viewed Insights From IESE’s Business Knowledge Portal

10 ideas with impact to change the way you approach business management

27/12/2016 Barcelona

2016 has given the business community much to think about. Most well-read insights include managing millennials / Photo: iStock | Author: swissmediavision

The past 12 months have presented the business community with many world-roiling surprises, promising profound changes up ahead. Amid this uncertainty, which business insights from IESE faculty attracted the most online readers?

2016’s top-10 list features fresh advice on management, leadership, sustainability, operations, marketing and more. Our diverse list of articles summarizes IESE professors’ books, studies, academic articles and technical notes for use in the classroom.

Below find the countdown of 2016’s most widely read ideas:

#10. And Now What? Landing in a New Management Position
Guido Stein

Limited information, a lack of personal maturity, and a poor handling of a situation are the main pitfalls executives face when taking on a new management role. A 2016 book by Guido Stein provides practical instructions for avoiding missteps and landing well in a new office. | Read article

#9. Brexit Blues: Assessing the Fallout
Núria Mas; Pedro Videla

Is Brexit as bad as the markets' moves seem to suggest? Who will be most affected? What might the future relationship between the E.U. and the U.K. look like? Here we share two economists' views on what is happening and what happens next. | Read article

#8. Mobile Marketing: Responsive Website or App?
Mario Capizzani
; Neeti Bhargava; Xavier Cañigueral; Shruti Chaudhry

Up to 58 percent of smartphone users have shopped with their phone at some point, making the mobile market a force that cannot be ignored. But how should companies adapt their marketing strategies to suit these mobile devices? Is an optimized website the answer, or would they be better served by an app? | Read article

#7. Globalization in Uncertain Times: 10 Key Takeaways
Pankaj Ghemawat
; Steven Altman

The 2016 U.S. election results show that backlash against globalization is real. But what are the facts about globalization and what are only fears? The DHL Global Connectedness Index 2016 gathers data to paint a clear picture of international flows. Find out which countries and cities are the most globally connected in the world – and which are slipping in the rankings. | Read article

#6. A New Variable to Consider for Family Firms
Pascual Berrone
; Patricio Duran; Luis R. Gómez-Mejía; Pursey Heugens; Marc van Essen

Around the globe, family firms tend to be more conservative and take a longer view. New research by IESE's Pascual Berrone and co-authors doesn't disagree, but puts this behavior and strategy in context. Specifically, they develop a new variable to measure a country's "family-legitimizing environment" (FLE), which then helps predict family firms' prevalence, strategy and profitability. | Read article

#5. 5 Steps to a Successful New Product
Juan Manuel de Toro

The vast majority of new products fail, and many resources could be saved by reducing this number. IESE's Juan Manuel de Toro argues that a tight focus on brand image, communication and other intangible attributes can pave the way to success these days. Drawing from examples that include innovative chef Ferrán Adrià, he suggests a five-step process. | Read article

#4. Providing Health Care in 2030: A New Role for Public Hospitals
Jaume Ribera
; Gabriel Antoja; Magda Rosenmöller; Pablo Borrás

Looking ahead to 2030, how can hospitals deliver better care to more patients at a lower cost? A 2015 study by IESE and Accenture takes a close look at the new role that Europe's leading public hospitals will be playing in the future health care system, giving a voice to hospital managers and clinicians. | Read article

#3. New York Edges Out London as the World's "Smartest" City
Pascual Berrone; Joan Enric Ricart

New York has surpassed London to take the top spot in IESE's ranking of the world's "smartest" cities, with Paris completing the winner's podium. American and European cities clearly dominate the Cities in Motion Index 2016, accounting for 18 of the top 25. | Read article

#2. 9 Tips for Managing Millennials
Guido Stein
; Rafael Mesa; Miguel Martín

By 2025, the millennial generation will make up 75 percent of the world's working population. Ready for some changes in your company's management policies and leadership styles? Taking into account the distinctive features of this cohort, IESE's Guido Stein offers practical advice to better recruit, develop and retain top millennial talent in the years to come. | Read article

#1. 10 Keys to Self-Motivation
Pablo Maella

Do you feel discouraged at work because you're not being promoted or haven't received the raise you expected? Don't fool yourself. As Pablo Maella explains, motivation depends less on external circumstances and more on your own attitude. Here are 10 keys to increase your effectiveness and satisfaction handling any task. | Read article

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