IESE Professors Making an Impact

Research Excellence Awards for Sebastian Reiche, Rafael Andreu and Vicente Font

09/02/2016 Barcelona/Madrid

Sebastian Reiche, Rafael Andreu & Vicente Font
(L to R) IESE Professors Sebastian Reiche, Rafael Andreu and Vicente Font / Photo: IESE

This year marks the 14th edition of the Research Excellence Awards endowed by the IESE Alumni Association.

The accolades in 2016 go to Prof. Sebastian Reiche for his study on the benefits of having a common language at work; Prof. Rafael Andreu for his book on the importance of learning how to make the most out of your “footprints;” and Prof. Vicente Font, for his program, “Marketing, Planning and Implementation” for the Executive MBA.

The jury made their decision based on specific criteria. In the case of publications, this included prestige and impact on the worlds of research and business.

When it came to judging programs, things like their consolidation over time, how they have contributed to the professor’s research activity, and the use of original teaching materials were all taken into account.

Here is a breakdown of the winning works and what they entail.

Why and How Does Shared Language Affect Subsidiary Knowledge Inflows? A Social Identity Perspective by Sebastian Reiche. This article was published in the Academy of International Business’s official publication, The Journal of International Business Studies.

Co-authored with Anne-Will Harzing and Markus Pudelko, the study includes a sample of 817 subsidiaries. Results show that the use of a lingua franca – in this case English – facilitated the information flow between headquarters and subsidiaries, which led to improved performance. It also analyzes the factors involved in this process and how this information flow promotes a common identity throughout the company.

The book Huellas: Construyendo valor desde la empresa – in this case Spanish– (Tracking Value Beyond Money), by Rafael Andreu, reminds us that everything we do in business leaves a footprint. Intentional or not. Andreu takes specific examples and walks us through them. He demonstrates how to analyze – and channel – each of the situations. And then leverage its value to improve economic performance.

Vicente Font, for the program "Marketing, Planning and Implementation," which he delivered as part of the Barcelona edition of the Executive MBA program.

Rigor and Global Scope

Alumni Association Executive Committee members Alejandro Beltrán, Antoni Esteve, and Jorge Sendagorta, president of the Alumni Association, joined IESE Professors Marta Elvira and Julián Villanueva on this year’s jury.

These awards were created in 2001 by the IESE Alumni Association to support business focused research and education. Winners are also bestowed 10,000 Euros.

This year’s winners received their awards on Barcelona and Madrid campus this week.