2015’s Most Viewed Insights from IESE’s Business Knowledge Portal

Ten ideas with impact to change the way you approach business management

04/01/2016 Barcelona

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2015’s top 10 list features new approaches to marketing, strategy, operations, finance, and leadership and people management / Photo: iStock

In a busy year for business ideas, transformation, turmoil and renewal, which insights from IESE faculty attracted the most online readers?

2015’s top 10 list features new approaches to marketing, strategy, operations, finance, and leadership and people management. Our diverse list of articles summarize books, studies, academic publications and technical notes for teaching produced by IESE professors this calendar year.

Below find the countdown of the year’s most widely read ideas:

# 10. New Marketing for a New Era
Nueno, José Luis

The 21st century is marked as the era of scarcity. Companies must change their marketing strategies to adapt to the times. José Luis Nueno argues in his book that marketing's mission is no longer to showcase a product or service in order to sell it, but rather to support sustainable consumption based on realistic expectations in a society of scarcity.
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#9. Predicting a Product's Success Internationally
Gelper, Sarah; Stremersch, Stefan

Predicting new product growth internationally is a hotly debated subject. Does a country's urbanization level matter? Its media reach? Individualism? Using a sophisticated model to crunch the numbers for a wide array of country characteristics, IESE's Stefan Stremersch identifies the most powerful predictors of growth for six products launched in 55 countries.
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#8. Say Goodbye to Just-in-Time, Lean and Agile Management Models
Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz

Many cultural institutions ought to streamline their operations to increase efficiency. But what's the best way to go about it? Using Spain's National Institute of Performing Arts and Music as a case in point, IESE's Beatriz Muñoz-Seca presents an innovative model for service companies looking to optimize operations.
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#7. What Is the Ideal Price of a Product?
Villanueva, Julián; Segarra, José Antonio; Ferrer, Iciar

How can you optimize the price of a product or service? Julián Villanueva, José Antonio Segarra and Iciar Ferrer outline the variables to keep in mind and explain how to tailor your pricing policy. For starters, remember that most buying decisions are far from rational, as they are influenced by certain psychological factors.
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#6. 25 Keys to Take Control of Your Professional Life
Chiesa, Cosimo

"Be the change you wish to see in the world," as the inspirational saying goes. Cosimo Chiesa embraces that maxim in his book on personal leadership, which runs through 25 keys to self-management -- from taking the reins of time management and learning to say "no," to looking after one's relationships with others.
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#5. Where to Invest? Ranking 120 Countries on Their Private Equity Attractiveness
Groh, A.; Liechtenstein, Heinrich; Lieser, Karsten; Biesinger, Markus

The United States remains the most attractive market in the world for private equity investors, based on its risk/reward profile. It is followed by the United Kingdom, which has climbed on the charts in recent years. Meanwhile, emerging economies are making strides, as revealed in the 2015 Venture Capital and Private Equity (VC/PE) Country Attractiveness Index.
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#4. Are You a Genuine Leader?
Stein, Guido

If you search for books on "leadership," you will find hundreds of thousands of titles. But are their theories tested? Is anything new being said in each year's releases? IESE's Guido Stein discusses four levels of leadership and argues that influence, connection, commitment, vision and authenticity are among the essential and time-tested ingredients.
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#3. It's Not How Old You Are, But How Old You Feel
Kunze, Florian; Raes, Anneloes; Bruch, Heike

Especially during times of change, a young workforce can help a company grow and maintain a long-term view. But what if your company's workforce is no longer young? A study by IESE's Anneloes Raes and co-authors finds that certain HR practices can help employees feel young and reap the productive benefits of youth.
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#2. Business Model Innovation: Designing the Process
Zott, Christoph; Amit, Raphael

Innovation usually means a new product. But what if it meant a new way of doing business? Christoph Zott of IESE and Raphael Amit of Wharton examine the enormous implications that business-model innovation can have, and they derive a business-model-innovation process from the world of design for how best to go about it.
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#1. London Tops the Ranking of the World's "Smartest" Cities
Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric

One European, one North American and one Asian city claim the top three spots as the world's smartest cities, while a resounding 15 of the top-25 list hail from Europe. Under the direction of IESE Professors Pascual Berrone and Joan Enric Ricart, the latest edition of IESE's Cities in Motion Index also reveals that rapid progress by the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore, Boston and San Francisco threatens the old world rule.
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