Philip Moscoso, Winner of the EFMD Case Writing Award

“The HP Helion Proposal,” best business case in the category of supply chain management

17/06/2016 Barcelona

Philip Moscoso

Prof. Philip Moscoso’s case, “The HP Helion Proposal”: winner of the 2015 EFMD Case Writing Award / Photo: Javier Arias

To migrate or not to migrate to the cloud. That is the dilemma facing many companies nowadays. IESE Professor Philip Moscoso, together with Juan Enrique Flores and Francisco Vázquez, analyze this question in the IESE business case, “The HP Helion Proposal: To Migrate or Not to Migrate to the Cloud, That Is the Question.”

Winner of the 2015 European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Case Writing Award in the category of supply chain management, the case explores the process by which multinational food exporter Almuri purchased an HP cloud solution.

The authors examine whether the company's choice to migrate to the cloud makes business sense, and achieves the goal of making substantial savings and facilitating growth in coming years.

Moscoso has twice been garlanded with the EFMD prize, having won it in 2013 for his case study, "The Loewe Group: A New Industrial Model and Commitment to Lean Management?"

In an interview in IESE Publishing, Moscoso sheds light on the key elements a good case should cover, as well as the advantages and challenges companies face when adopting cloud solutions.

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