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Spanish Offshoring: Growing Trends in a Globalized World
Prof. Joan Enric Ricart, Soledad Rosatti and Maria Bakardjieva
Read the Report (PDF, 795 Kb)

IESE Barcelona, January 21, 2009 / 2nd Workshop on Offshoring
Offshoring in Spain. Evolution and Trends of Services Outsourcing 2008.
Prof. Ricart Presentation (Spanish only)
Prof. Lewin Presentation
Download survey (Spanish only)

IESE Barcelona, March 14, 2007 / Continuous Education Program Session
Next-Generation Offshoring: Globalization of Services and the Battle for Talent
Prof. Ricart’s presentation (Spanish only) (PPT, 177 KB)

Also available is the first survey based on an online questionnaire about Spanish entrepreneurial perceptions on offshoring processes.

El Offshoring en España: causas y consecuencias de la deslocalización de servicios
Joan Enric Ricart and Pablo Agnese
Download survey (Spanish only) 

To get the full survey about perceptions in next generation offshoring, Duke’s latest survey is also available (Duke University & Booz-Allen-Hamilton):

Next Generation Offshoring: The Globalization of Innovation - 2006 Survey Report
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