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IESE Technology Transfer Group

Connecting science and tech innovators with business minds

The IESE Technology Transfer Group is a platform that connects inventors from research & development labs and educational institutions with the business acumen and talent they need in order to bring their product successfully to market.

The program is a 3-month collaboration between the product inventors and their IESE MBA team. The program consists of a set of workshops which cover the main issues for innovators launching and commercializing a deep tech venture. Product inventors and students, also, will collaboratively decide which individual needs of the companies/projects to address.

  • Market analysis. Who should the target market be? How big is the market? What is the competitive landscape?
  • Strategy analysis. How can we reach the target consumer? How can we differentiate ourselves in order to compete in the market? How should the company position itself in order to stay ahead?
  • Gap analysis. Who and what do we need in order to fulfil the competitive strategy?
  • Commercial validation. What is the economic value and who benefits from it?
  • Customer engagement. After speaking to industry insiders, are our commercial assumptions valid?

Technology Transfer Group is part of IESE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for the development of new ventures, innovation and growth.

Accepting Applications! Deadline: June 26

We’re accepting applications for the 10th edition! We’ve worked with 36 deep-tech spin-outs over the past 7 years to help them clarify their business goals and launch companies. Spin-outs have gone on to raise more than €10 million through both private and public funding mechanisms. Alumni include: NOVAMEAT, Sequentia Biotech, Mapsi Photonics, Vitala Technologies, Mitiga Solutions, Virtual Bodyworks, Bio2Coat Natural Preservation Technology, BLUEPHAGE, Nextmol, Voctro Labs, Finboot, KUMUX, Pebble Analytics, Breaz, Qbeast and Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech.


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Eligibility, selection process and evaluation criteria

  1. The proposed product in the program must have, at a minimum, a functioning prototype in order to participate. This program is not a technology development platform and can only work with a functioning product. During the program it is likely that the look and feel of the product might change, however, the underlying technology must be proven to work before entering into the IESE Technology Transfer Group program.
  2. In order for a product to enter IESE Technology Transfer Group, at least one of the founding inventors must participate, or minimally, someone with intimate knowledge of the product with the capability to modify it as needed.
  3. The participants should be willing to participate throughout the whole duration of the program.
  4. The participants should commit to collaborate in good faith and be flexible to take on board constructive ideas throughout the duration of the project so as to be in line with the objectives of the program.
  1. A call for applications will be circulated 6 weeks prior to the deadline along with the application form.
  2. The Organizing Committee will review the applications and accept, reject or waitlist candidates.
  3. The decision of this initial evaluation designation will be released within 1 month of the application deadline.
  4. Your team may be invited to IESE to present the project in person, before a final determination is made.
  5. All selected candidates will be assignned a group of MBA students for participation in the program.
  1. Product (30%) Quality of the idea, development of the product. TRL (Tech Readiness Level) Assessment.
  2. Anticipated Target Market/Application (30%) Product/Market fit and growth potential. Additional assessment of the expected social impact will be evaluated.
  3. Team (30%) Motivation of the team, ability to work with and motivate others, collaborative spirit, willingness to take on new ideas, creativity.
  4. Portfolio & additional considerations (10%) Depending on the volume, quality and type of projects proposed, there may be considerations of thematic grouping, or skill gaps where IESE Technology Transfer Group can more clearly add value. Part of our selection may be dependent on IESE Technology Transfer Group programming considerations where we believe we can add the most value.

Are you a IESE MBA candidate eager to help bring innovations to market?

Learn more about what the program offers and what’s expected of you below.

If you’re a IESE MBA candidate, mentor, alumni or investor, participating in the IESE Technology Transfer Group will give you:

  • First-hand experience of working with a cutting-edge startup
  • A unique chance to explore whether you would like to pursue a startup career track
  • A great opportunity to learn about what it takes to launch a venture – from idea creation to funding and from strategy to teams and commercialization
  • Engagement with the high-tech startup ecosystem
  • Exposure to world-class deep science technology

What's expected of participating IESE MBAs?

  • list_element_img Dedication and discipline to work on your IESE Tech Transfer Group project
  • list_element_img Meaningful contributions to your team and a collaborative spirit
  • list_element_img Alignment with your team members and the startup about tasks and deadlines
  • list_element_img Workshop preparation and participation
  • list_element_img A good sense of humor
  • list_element_img Deliverables will depend on the needs of each participating company

Inspiring innovation

IESE’s Technology Transfer Group has been recognized by AACSB International, the world’s largest business education alliance, for its innovative efforts to elevate entrepreneurial thinking and encourage new business creation.

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