CELSA Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing

Holder: Frederic Sabrià

The CELSA Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing is dedicated to researching, generating ideas and spreading knowledge about competitiveness in the industrial sector. The results of this research serve to inspire and train business leaders and managers to fulfill their responsibilities to their companies and society.


  • Promote interest in manufacturing industries
  • Publicize in the media the role of industry in national economies
  • Foster good industrial practices through the creation of an annual award: the Industrial Excellence Award
  • Collaborate with other international centers in the generation of ideas and dissemination of knowledge about manufacturing
  • Develop teaching materials for Executive Education courses
  • Organize national and international seminars

Holder of the Chair

Frederic Sabrià is a professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management. He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and is academic director of the logistics management program offered by IESE with Cranfield University. He participated in the development of the Barcelona International Airport, the assessment of the ISDN transport applications in Spain and the development of a strategic plan for the city of Barcelona.