Lecturer of Operations, Information and Technology

• PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida
• Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida
• B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Alex holds a PhD and a Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida (USA).

He is the co-founder of the Institute for Transformational Leadership (IfTL), a company that promotes transformation and leadership, through consulting, training and accompaniment of people, teams, and organizations. As a consultant, he has led different process improvement projects using Agile and Lean Management methodologies in various sectors. He has also been involved in many consulting projects of organizational transformation and the design and implementation of strategic plans, and he has accompanied teams on their path to high performance.

In the last years, he has been quite active in the Health Sector, helping more than 50 health organizations improve their care processes and corresponding patient journeys. In addition, he has taught courses in Operations Management, Process Analysis, Lean Management, and Agile for several hospitals and scientific societies.

He is the author of about 15 scientific publications in specialized journals of Operations Management, Operations Research, and Health Management.