Head of Law Teaching Unit

Senior Lecturer of Law Teaching Unit

• Degree in Law, Universitat de Barcelona

Carlos Sancho is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Law Teaching Unit at IESE Business School. In 2001, he was the director of law studies at IESE. He is currently working on a study run by one of the biggest editing and multimedia groups in Spain focusing on a contractual model for intellectual property and internet rights.

In 2003, he was the manager of education for the commission on fiscal matters in the Barcelona legislative trade chamber. Prof. Sancho was founder of the European Bureau of Affairs, headquartered in Brussels, and has formerly advised Spanish companies on adapting their operations within the context of the European Union.

He began his career as a lawyer in the Madrid-based firm Román Mas y Calvet. Prof. Sancho has researched and written on topics ranging from law and business to investing overseas, industrial property and patents, among others. His future plans include conducting research for a paper on the new concourse law and publishing various texts about legal regimes and family business.