Senior Lecturer of Managerial Decision Sciences

  PhD in Mathematical Economics, University of Barcelona
  Degree in Economic Science, University of Barcelona

German Loewe started his collaboration with the Managerial Decision Sciences department at IESE in 2009, and is now Senior Lecturer of Decision Analysis in the MBA program. Before 2009 he held Associate Professor positions at both University of Barcelona and University Pompeu Fabra, where he taught mathematics, decision theory and strategy for several years. During 2000 he was visiting researcher at the Economic Learning and Social Evolution Centre (ELSE) at University College London and holds a PhD in Mathematical Economics from University of Barcelona.

Early in his career he decided to focus his research on the economic theory for individual decision making, and on the both mathematical and philosophical foundations of decision theories. His main research area is intertemporal choice. He has worked for several years together with experimental psychologist and field specialist Daniel Read in experiments aimed at further exploring known anomalies in rational intertemporal decision making.

German is also founder and CEO of Netquest, a company specialized in online sampling technologies and digital behavioural data. With respondent panels in 23 countries, and after acquiring the dutch tec company Wakoopa, Netquest has become the pioneer in digital behavioural data in the market research industry. Since 2016 Netquest is part of the GfK group.

Areas of interest

* Intertemporal choice
* Decision under uncertainty
* Experimental Psychology
* Foundations of Utility theory
* Market Research